Friday, March 1, 2013

The Dirty Life

I read this book recently- quite interesting.  The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball

Quite the modern cross between Laura Ingalls Wilder and Julia Child.

Basically memoirs of this NY journalist who met and fell for and went with an organic farmer to build a self sustaining farm in Upstate New York that would grow all the foods in a person's diet from Meats, to vegetables to grain etc.

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder - conquering sort of uncharted territory and building and planting from scratch in tough  circumstances. Like Julia Child in a lot of cooking using all parts of many animals! Not an easy read for the vegetarian of faint heart. Surprisingly, given how vegetarian I am, I didn't have an issue with reading it!

What was interesting to me was- and it obviously happens in real life too- giving up everything one is to be with someone else of a TOTALLY different lifestyle and actually way of thinking too. I mean hating the use of electricity? Hello?
Is this prompted by dissatisfaction with life or insecurity or is it simply an adventure? Maybe a bit of it all- and frankly in today's world even if you marry someone- very often it's not a permanent choice- there are options if needed

I would give this book a 7.5 / 10. I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t live this life for a day

So Laura Ingalls Wilder was a kid in a pioneer family that conquered the great West.
Her books- the Little House series-  are phenomenal. For all ages. Plan to start with my kids soon- but as recently as 4 years ago I had a squabble with two other adults ( sort of, sisters- so we revert) because we all wanted to the same book at the same time J Would rate a 9/10

Also Julia Child- What a woman. Have read her last Biography/ Auto biography ( published posthumously) - Appetite for Life (rate it 6.5/10) but not her cook books. Have an idea about them from the book Julie and Julia (6/10)- (which I bought by mistake thinking it was  Chicklit). After all the pounding, crushing, cracking, boiling etc done to various members we study under zoology- I decided to give the cookbooks a pass!! Julia Child was  a spy for the CIA too.
I think the biggest take away from reading about her is that she is one person who exemplifies- it's never too late. She met her husband at the age of around 40 and started cooking only at around the age of 45!!
My call to action- Carpe Diem - Seize the day and do something you have been wanting to without thinking it's too late or you are too old!!!!!
I did today- will hopefully be able to write about it in a month's time!!!!


shruti said...

I've never read a single LIW can you believe it?? And you guys were fighting over who will start it off first? Btw the movie Julie and Julia is way better as Meryl Streep is really good (but when isn't she).

Oh and I personally feel that its a bit off to suddenly change your thinking so radically b/c of another person...whats to say your mind wont change again in a few years? The base is not so stable then, no....

Meenakshi said...

Well - you should. They are some of the most interesting books ever- especially as they are true!!
I actually have seen the Movie too- A lot of people did not like either. I personally liked both the book and movie but then- I'm a sucker for turnaround stories esp if they are true.
About changing you thinking- what of you see the light? Or you want something so bad you are willing to do anything? Like if you want to write a bestseller- you are willing to give up your life in NYC and move to a farm upstate?
Just kidding (maybe)