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NUMM (Mumkin hai chashm-e-numm)

New year, new song crushes!

Actually three- but will elaborate on the first, first!

From the show Numm- another Pakistani play- discovered because of Fawad Khan- who I think is a really good actor.

This is the title song- quite a song!

Sung by Faiza Mujahid, the same singer who sang Bandya- from Khuda Key Liye- which I talked about in the blog  Who Humsafar Tha

Have a listen

Again, I could not find a very good translation- have edited some that I found to reflect what I think are some meanings after watching the whole show. I have added some words to reflect the meaning rather than just the literal translation as a lot of the beauty of poetry sometimes gets lost in the literal translation. Again disclaimer- I am not an urdu speaker!

It’s a very complicated song- not sure I fully understand it- but I really really like it. I think I really like the use of the word "Mumkin" here. It means "maybe" or "possibly" . The ambiguity of everything- it's like when you  think something but you aren't quite sure- the song brings that out quite well.

NUMM (Mumkin hai chashm-e-numm): English Translation

Mumkin hai chashm-e-numm teri, tera guror ho,
It is possible that your moist eyes, is your arrogance,

Mumkin hai ke yeh aag, paani se dur ho,
It is possible that this fire, can be extinguished by water,

Mumkin hai sarayat kare zehar ragou mein,
It is possible that  poison spreads into the veins,

Mumkin hai is zehar ka asar dur dur ho,
It is possible that this poison's effect is far, far (widespread),

Mumkin hai mumkin na ho yun mera palat na,
It is possible that it may not be possible for me to turn back like this,

Mumkin hai esterab mein bhi kuch suroor ho,
It is possible that in (this) uneasiness too there is a bit of intoxication,

Mumkin hai aa bhi jao tum mere khayal mein,
It is possible that you come in my thoughts,

Mumkin hai dur dur raho, dur dur ho,
It is possible that you stay far far (away), you are far far (away),

Mumkin hai nazar bhar ke tumhe dekh lein,
It is possible that I (may) get my eyeful (/my fill) of looking at you,

Mumkin hai ek nazar mein kabhi ishq dur ho,
It is possible that with one look, sometimes, love goes away,

Mumkin hai mera veham ho, mera khayal ho,
It is possible that it is my delusion, or (just) my thought,

Mumkin hai mere haal mein bhi tera kasoor ho,
It is possible that my state also has your fault in it,

Mumkin hai tujhe chah ke bhi, chah na sakoon,
It is possible that despite of loving you, I cannot (may not?) love you,

Mumkin hai tere paas bhi aa na sakoon,
It is possible that I cannot come close to you,

Mumkin hai yeh fareb ho, teri adavat,
It is possible that it is a deception, your bitterness

Mumkin hai tujhe keh ke bhi mile na sukoon,
It is possible that even after telling you, (I)  don't get peace,

Mumkin hai mujhe pe reham ho ya mujhse saval ho,
It is possible that I am shown mercy or that I am questioned,

Mumkin tai mère saval par woh lajavab ho,
It is possible that at my question, he is (left) with no answer

I think the best part about this show are
1. The song
2. Acting by Sania Saaed and Fawad Khan
3. Nothing else!

To be fair- I should have explored the meaning of the Name before starting to watch it- NUMM- which means moist- implying- at the verge of tears-  implying a certain kind of storyline! But it had Fawad Khan and was supposed to be really popular currently!

So this show has a SERIOUSLY strange story- I mean SERIOUSLY STRANGE!! As I hate giving spoilers (though I have to say - I am seriously tempted here- it's so strange I want to discuss it). I will just say- many elements of oedipal complexes, other complexes, tyranny, pathos, meanness, weirdness, multiple wives etc etc.

But despite all this - I think I watched the whole thing cos I just couldn't believe what they would come up with next. I seriously hope stuff like this doesn't happen!!

The one thing they did sensitively was explore the relation between a young guy and his first and older wife- that was done well- for about one episode.

So, as far as I'm aware (which may not be saying much), the concept of multiple marriages in Islam, was that it was one of the means of taking care of older and other women, who may not have had means of support- well, this is not what was happening here!

If you want a spoiler from me- will add it to the comments if asked- those who want to avoid- don’t read the comments!

So the other song is from Zindagi gulzar hai- "Tum Kehti Ho". Originally sung by Junaid Jamshed. Fawad Khan sang it himself in the show. I prefer his voice but a clean (non show-with screaming fans in the background) copy was not available so here is the  JJ version

I hadn't really noticed it in the show but really like it now.

What's interesting is that the words are a modern take on an old Indian song- almost the exact copy in terms of meaning but that was sung from the girl rather than the boy- "Mera kuch saman" from "Ijaazat"

Again an old favorite and beautiful poetry

The last song- been hearing a lot- from another Pakistani drama (I do listen to other stuff but- phases, phases). I had seen this a while back but suddenly remembered the song! Go figure! Lyrics again- quite pretty but maybe I just love urdu!

From Kahi UnKahi (said, unsaid)

To be honest- I am coming to the conclusion that almost every new Pakistani drama I have seen has a similar storyline even though I like some a lot better than the others.

Rich guy, two women, one rich and spoilt (and somehow always hysterical and crazy) and the other poor and good and simple and the heroine. Lots of crying but the rich guy ends up with the poor girl and the rich girl goes mad or kills herself or something horrible (like moving to the US)!

I quite object to the implied concept that you need to be simple and poor to be sensible!

So instead of ending this blog here I will talk about another song I really like called Ankahee (reference being Unkahi from the last song- same word different spelling) from a hindi movie called "Lootera" ( yes I listen to music ALL THE TIME and all types- in the same day!)

I was obsessed with all the songs from this movie for a while.

Very nice! Here's Ankahee. But Listen to "Zinda" too!

Movie was quite nice too- period piece based in India around the time of independence and sort of based on The Last Leaf  by O'Henry. Unusual role for the main actors- but both redeemed themselves!

Hope you enjoyed the music!


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Meenakshi Garodia said...

Appreciate your comments.
I do this blog because I love to!

Anonymous said...

No man voice is better than JJ ( that is what I believe offcourse :) . Shoaib Mansoor (Director and writer of film 'khuda ke liye') used to write for 'Vital Signs' (Junaid Jamshed was vocalist for Vital signs). It is said that shoaib mansoor wrote 'khuda ke liye' after Junaid Jamshed turned religious and left singing. Vital Signs dominated the music scene of Pakistan for 90's and they are among the top in the music history of the country. Later Rohail Hyatt founded the music outlet 'Coke Studio' in Pakistan.

Karachi, Pakistan.

Meenakshi Garodia said...

Thanks- thats interesting!

Rosie said...

Thanks for the lyrics and translation. I just finished watching Numm and found if you just fast forward all the dull slow parts, it is quite interesting. Fawad looked very handsome with his long hair and my heart just went out for Sania Saeed. In the Western and Oriental world, it is becoming quite popular for younger men dating older women so wouldnt have minded more romance between them. LOL!

MG said...

Didn't you find it a bit Oedipal though? She brought him up!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess you are right; it was sufficient that they both cared for each other. Wali hits the mark when he tells Mahjabeen that their relationship has no name. Sad yet true.

I am really impressed with Paki dramas; they are so much better and actually teaches me a lot of the customs and traditions in these desi lands.

Navu said...

Thank you so much for the lyrics and translation.... i m so in luv wid this song dat really wished cud get it translated frm smone.... thnk u fr havng done the same already!

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Enter your comment...thanks for translate!!