Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have loved the Beatles for the last 25 years!!!

They just have some of the most singable songs out there.  Some of my favorites memories are from being in a car belting out the numbers with my sisters with the windows open ( this was pre-air-conditioners in cars!)

A lot of their numbers are fast but some of my favorite are the slow ones

This is one- Something

It is just so true - when you like/ love someone - you don't know why - it's just "Somethng"

When I think about it - what is love? ( will not give the reference of the song by Haddaway -

- here J )

It definitely has attraction but is it physical or mental?

Does it have be both or can it be either/or?

Some movies, books about people corresponding through letters - is that also true love? Is there something like true love or is it only true till it lasts?

Does it last?

( Again- no reference to Righteous Brother's - You’ve lost that lovin' feeling-

here J)

Much like the moon does it wax and wane?

So there have been these really interesting studies - heres one from Ted talks (I LOVE Ted talks)

So here they scan brains in love - they are seriously different from Normal functioning brains - so we do know it's true- that your brain is changed

It's also true that most couples don't retain that state of brain into the relationship - the beginning is always way more euphoric and frankly it's like a brain addicted!!!

But this study actually shows a couple of couples ( do pardon the pun) who have that feeling even after 25 years together!

Here is an image about it

Who doesn't love the idea of love? Or being in love? I do however think it is way over emphasized in the culture now a days - I mean the love between couples. Love as a whole can never be over emphasized - it covers way too much - feeling for parents, kids, family, friends, activities etc etc etc etc

I think doing the right thing - whatever it means for you - is important too. 

Nobody else can decide for us what we think is the right thing as it will always be different for different people. 

And sometimes what may appear to be the right thing isn't and vice versa.

Where do you draw the line between finding happiness and doing right by yourself and providing happiness and doing right by others?

All so deep and confusing !

Will leave you here - hopefully ponderous. 

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