Friday, December 6, 2013

Wolverine Immortal

So I love the comics genre- have since I was a kid. But what I knew as a kid - the Indian Indrajal comics, Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are as different from the genre  I now read, as  chalk from cheese!

Since the past nine years I have discovered the genre of comics written for the grown person- definitely not for kids!

The stories are fabulous and the art is too. One of my favorite books about the comic Industry was The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Written by Michael Chabon - loosely based on how the comic industry really evolved in the US

His real story is pretty cool too- he was a video store clerk (highly educated, intelligent and okay looking) - his now wife, Ayelet Waldman, a high powered lawyer - would come in to rent movies. Lalalalala they moved to LA - He sold a script. Both now authors. One Pulitzer prize. Many kids. She got into a serious controversy as she said she would choose his life over her kids as she loved him more!

Anyway - that was so not what I wanted to write!!!

I wanted to write about X men and Mr.Jackman!

So this whole genre of superhero action movies is soooooooo cool. The stunts themselves are so well executed!

In this latest X-men - my two favorite scenes are the whole top of the train thing and I just LOVE  the Japanese martial arts genre. I love the whole double handed samurai fighting thing ( Kill Bill 2 has some great scenes!). I blame it on having watched "The 36 chambers of Shaolin" as a 10 year old!!! ( my strongest memory from that is when he is balancing the two buckets of water on his shoulders and trying to cross the water on the bobbing logs)

So if you read the X-men comics - the X-men in it are nowhere near as sexy as the movies. This is once when I love the movies a lot more - but given the hero - how could I not! So in the comics - wolverine is short and stocky and looks like a wolf. Seriously hirsute. But supposedly full of animal magnetism (presumably pheromones)

So  thankfully they went in a different direction in the movies as Hugh jack man is pretty cool as Wolverine.

But also as an individual! He is such a confident person it's amazing. One gets e feeling he is really comfortable in his own skin.

Grew up in Australia. Did TV. Broadway - can sing and can seriously dance. 

Obviously is a one of the biggest action figure icons of our time now. So look at this image of him from X-men

And now watch this song!!! ( from a Broadway Play he did- sort of put him on the map)

His part starts from 45 seconds in- GOLD PANTS!!!- need I say more??

It's so sexy when someone can take themselves so not seriously! He is so confident about himself and his masculinity that he portrays this character perfectly. (based on Peter Allen)

Another thing not so well know about him is he dated and married a coworker from one of his first shows. Who is 13 years his senior! They have been happily married for 17 years. And when she married him she was the big star!

They have adopted kids and people use this point to say she's his beard- seriously ??- doubts about Hugh Jackman?

But  even if it was true - SO WHAT?

Actually apparently they had trouble conceiving and miscarriages etc.  Frankly I think people who adopt are super nice and super generous in soul and Actions. My respect for them is tremendous. 

You know people find it so easy to speculate about the state of people's marriages but I think the only two people who know how a relationship really is are the two people who are in it!

Also voyeurism has become such a socially acceptable pastime - hell - there is serious money in it - trashy magazines, Facebook anyone?

That boundaries are not observed at all - definitely not for celebrities and quite often not for personal relationships too.

Now we really have to decide what it is that we are comfortable with for ourselves in terms of voyeuring and try to stick with that!

So back to Mr.Jackman

To be honest - I haven't liked too many of his other movies though have heard really good things about Prisoners - on my playlist!

But all the best to him - and may he make many more X-men movies :)

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