Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fire in your belly

Can anyone recognize the quote? The precise words are " You've got a real fire in your belly…."

Well- this quote is from one of my all time favorite movies " Working Girl " with Melanie Griffith and Harrison ford.


Everything about the movie is great especially the song- here it is. Such an uplifting number- makes you feel you can take on the world


Which is exactly what Melanie Griffith does in this. This movie has it all- the Cinderella story ( though she does it by her brains not looks), ) the 80's hair, breaking out of the niche the world puts you in and of course - the hunk ( hello!!- a young Harrison ford!!!!)

How many of us have that Fire in the Belly?

It's something everyone would like to believe they have but how many actually do? The feeling that you have to have to do something- whatever that thing is.

I do know a few people like that.

What I find interesting is the old cliché about the First generation making it big, second making it bigger and the third dissipating it- I think it really is quite true.  Though now-a-days the rich parents- whatever generation they are very often set up trusts etc so the kids have a tough time screwing it up despite some trying very hard.

I think the people with the fire in the belly are the first generation and their children haven't had it so easy so they turn out 'honehar' or respectable.

But by the time the third generation comes along- their life has been so easy even if they have the capability they very often don't have that fire- things come much too easily to them

I think people who have had a cushy easy life- very often don’t have that fire in belly- would you agree?
But when we work hard and earn- we want a better life for us and also for our children. But in giving them too good a life - are quenching that fire, are we really doing the right thing by them?

After having said this I think now-a-days there quite a few Third generation people who do have ambition but that is also because the world view has shifted. For a long time the wealthy were not supposed to be men of commerce but men of leisure who patronized the arts. While today- the more high powered you are, in finance or entrepreneurship, or other fields- the cooler you are.

I also wanted to talk a bit about Melanie Griffith. What a life. She is  Tippi Hedren daughter- who must have been one of the worst mom's in the world- I mean Melanie Griffith MOVED in with Don Johnson who was 22 and twice divorced her when she was 14!!!!!! Then she moved out again- moved in again. They basically broke up, made up, got married, got divorced multiple times.

Where was her childhood?

Also a lot of her movies especially before Working Girl were very sexy- even when she was 17- I think something like that can screw up a child- it certainly did her- she has been addicted multiple times to various substances.

What  is strangely romantic is that she and  Antonio Banderas did a movie together -  Two Much. - fell wildly in love/lust, divorced their respective spouses and have been happily married since then.

I will write about Mr. Banderas another time- he deserves a blog to himself!

Two other movies of Melanie Griffith I like are

Shining Through with Michael Douglas which is as WW2 Nazi infiltration movie- a favorite genre for me

Milk Money - a kids movie about, of all things- a prostitute (who reforms)
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