Monday, October 28, 2013

Ave Maria

So this is a highly unusual post for me given it's about a prayer and I'm strongly atheistic!

So my whole fascination for Western Classical Music (WCM) caught fire after I heard this song - it was in a bunch of Music I took from my sister- and it just said Ave Maria- Schubert.

No identifications of any sort.

Before this I never understood the fascination for the high women Soprano voices in the  WCM world - but this changed my mind.

To understand how crazy I am about it- I actually heard a million renditions of Ave Maria by Schubert by any WCM singer I could find on YouTube till I managed to identify the voice! And here it is- I hope you enjoy it.

On thinking about it- it's possible I like it so much despite the prayer aspect of it for a couple of reasons

1. It's in German so I can't understand the words! J

2. The Music is BEAUTIFUL

3. Despite being an atheist - I almost envy people who have faith as I think it really empowers them and gives them a sense of being loved and looked after unconditionally that atheists just don’t have! And in hearing the singer you really get the feeling she means this prayer with all her heart.

I find  anything that is shared with the outside world and is so heartfelt is always moving even if you don't agree with it.

It's like putting yourself out there- never an easy job. But I think artists do it the most- in varying degrees.

Creativity is so inherent- like something bubbling inside you that you just need to get out somehow- some means.

Not to take away from others but I find painters and writers as some of the most exposed creators- especially writers. So much of what they write exposes their life experiences and really how and what they think to the whole world (and I don't mean like this blog- duh- I mean unwittingly though the characters in their fiction)

One of the Authors I feel most about this Jhumpa Lahiri.

I've read most of her books (except Lowland) and appreciated them- I am not sure I would say enjoyed as despite being very engrossing and well written they have such a strong strain of depression through them that they never invoked a feeling of enjoyment in me.

The last I read her was when " the Unaccustomed earth" came out.

Halfway  through- I went to such a dark place that I refused to read anything of hers again- the feelings her characters share are so raw and so real it's like you are going through it yourself and they all have many issues and things depressing them!!!

It may not be true but I definitely get the feeling Ms. Lahiri has and maybe is battling depression. But then so many artists do.

I don't know if it makes me shallow but I really have to grit my teeth to read/ watch something depressing- which (who knows why) I still do. Maybe because the voice of the author or director is sometimes just so good- it would be a shame to miss it.

So one such movie is  Incendies

This is a Canadian - Middle Eastern movie.

I saw it without knowing the plot other than it was based in Canada and the Middle East and was fabulous, as it was recommended to me by a sister. When it played in a nearby movie theater  I saw it, came out of the theater and called my sister to say "Whatever possessed you to recommend I see it? And then a " Thank you"

It was one of the better made movies I have seen and definitely one of the most disturbing!

Realistic enough that a lot of what they show has obviously and unfortunately been taken from the world today and strange enough that you know this is not true.

If you are strong of heart and think you can handle it- give it a try!

Anyway- this is getting very dark. I will leave you with a another singer I have discovered too- Bernarda Fink. The song I wanted to embed here doesn't have a YouTube link so here's a different piece by her



Geetika said...

now that's a very interesting thought...the piece about creativity requiring courage to put something out there for the world to judge and comment upon...that's so true!!

Ink Drop said...

Hey Meenakshi! I stumbled upon your blog today and oh my god you are phenomenal. I have been going through it post after post for past one hour!!! Good show girl!

MG said...

Btw I checked out your profile- the other things I do is a cooking show and ceramics!