Friday, October 25, 2013

An ode to Franz Schubert Sonata (Duo) in A major (Op. 162 I. Allegro moderato)

So I know nothing about Western Classical music ( I call it Western Classical as the "Classical" I grew up with was Indian Classical- referred to as just Classical music!)

Anyway- I came across this piece by Franz Schubert and now have one of my super crazy crushes on it- have it on auto play the whole day (and will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have a quick listen to it too). It is just so evocative though to be honest I don't know what all it makes me feel. I may just write about him later- like many geniuses- a life full of strife!

Have a listen BUT - make sure that there is no noise around you and either you have headphones or a really good surround sound system. You won't get the feel of the piece at all otherwise. My favorite place to listen to it is in the car as I can crank up the volume and am immersed in it!

So, after being asked, I sat and analyzed what exactly I like about this and I realized while I like the complete piece, it is the portion (of the violin) between 0:08 seconds and 0:42 seconds as the piece starts that I love.

For me when I hear this bit- I catch my breath- despite being analytic enough to realize that that is what I like- I still hold my breath every time I hear it.

That particular bit is repeated a few times during the piece. It is pretty short but I think as I like it so much and wait for it to come back in the music- it’s the anticipation that's got me hooked!

Which made me realize so much of what is exciting in life is anticipation and deprivation!

I mean- think about it- anticipating things is so exciting- when younger- if your 'crush' will talk to you, or a party, a holiday, meeting people, entering college, hot tea on a rainy day (with pakora's) - all these things create pleasure in the mind and thus body. A side effect of happy anticipation is a constant smile on your face!

Anticipation is defined as an emotion involving pleasure, excitement (and sometimes anxiety) in considering some expected or longed-for good event.

But so often- the actual event isn't as exciting as the anticipation- leading to the famous saying "Be careful what you wish for - you may get it!" But then so often it is!

So what I find interesting- is that sometimes we like something so much we overdose on it- unfettered access to whatever it is that we want can sometimes actually make it lose its charm. It's really sad but I do think people forget the value of things if it is easily accessible to them. 

Of course anticipation can be created too! One of the most interesting methods in this (and I am quite quite sure that wasn't why this custom was introduced) is the custom that some Orthodox/ Hasidic Jewish women sometimes follow.
In this custom for 2 weeks a month they are not allowed to have ANY contact with their spouse- no touch- nothing at all till after they have done Mikveh!
Something like this would probably render the spouse way more attractive that just routine! I mean there's something so attractive about the thing that you are not supposed to do! That’s certainly a way of keeping the magic alive in your marriage ;)

Back to Anticipation - I think it's important to have things in life that you are anticipating- it keeps you happy in small doses- if you have nothing you are looking forward to- that's just sad.

Sometimes- one is in a place where one feels like there is nothing good happening or nothing to look forward to but one really has to break out of it and start anticipating small stuff to make your life and you happier- a cup of tea with a friend- a good book- a good movie.  Good food, a nice hug from someone. A holiday. The sun shining!

I think the biggest thing anyone can do for themselves is try to stay happy- by whatever ( legal and non harmful to others) way. I mean everyone has some stuff in their lives that they need to do but don't like- but try to make it fun- eg. loud music while doing house work, grocery shopping  with a friend etc.

If you think of something you are anticipating- let me know ( in other words- comment!!)


Geetika said...

really like the piece about looking forward to something...however small... makes life more exciting!

Geetika said...

really like the bit on looking forward to something...however small...can make life exciting!