Tuesday, February 26, 2013

La Vie En Rose

So this blog is basically to opine- about books, movies, shows, music and general thoughts.  Some deluded and deluding friends have actually made me believe my opinions may be interesting! so here goes!

I don't really expect much readership but writing is a cathartic and in a previous life I enjoyed it. The tough part is of course is not reading, watching shows movies etc- to write this!

In music I can't get enough of La vie en rose- both the Edith Piaf version and the Louis Armstrong ones. Though what is interesting is that their other music doesn't touch me as these do- they are just so romantic!
Edith Piaf:

Louis Armstrong:

I don't know what defines addiction but am sure I have the personality associated with it- listening to them on repeat 30 times a day - qualifies me. BTW- The links are in the name if you want to hear them!

In shows I am watching "House of cards". I don't know why a show which typifies nasty all pervasive materialism can be engrossing. Is it that it makes us feel holier than thou - "We aren't so nasty" or the vicarious thrill about what the power play will be next? Whose life will be destroyed? In any case- a compelling watch- on Netflix or Amazon Prime instant video.

In books- I am on the third volume of The Golden Compass series by Philip Pullman- the Amber Spyglass.
Now this series- is it seriously supposed to be meant for kids? Seriously?

SO DARK!! And as soon as something nice is about to happen or sometimes at the moment it happens or soon after- something so horrible happens that you wish the nice thing that lead to it wouldn't have happened.

I have been told that it is one of the books with deeper meanings linking to religion- but I was never one to get the connection- didn't get it for "The little prince" either. I read that in 10 minutes.

Does that make me not deep? Quoting Mr. Butler " Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!!"


shruti said...

yay :)
Yeah I'm not too sure about starting The Golden Compass...is it worth it? Another series with links to religion is Chronicles of Narnia....where its pretty obvious and stares you in the face!

Meenakshi said...

You could try it- there in megareader