Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Go with It

So the movie for today is Silver Linings Playbook . Saw the movie today. Enjoyed it. It took a very tough subject and made it not heavy- which to anyone with experience in Bi-polar is quite amazing. It is rated as a comedy and it made you laugh a few times but nowhere near as much as one did in Django Unchained. But then Quentin Tarantino is the only guy who can make overly violent, serio-comedies about Nazi's and slavery that make you laugh out loud !!!!  

After seeing the movie- one realizes that Jennifer Lawrence is REALLY good- very subtle. Of course her two other really good roles are Hunger Games and as Mystique in X-MEN-First Class. She is obviously talented and lucky.

And Bradley Cooper has also come a long way from Alias (which is where one first noticed him!!) He has quite a few good movies but I like the movie Limitless . The whole concept of harnessing more of one's brain then a person typically does is so attractive. Here is something that we possess - that we have at our disposal but we treat it like the appendix.  BUT did you know this is a Myth. Typically we use 100% of brain in the whole day- just not all of it at the same time- DUH!!

My Music for today is this song by a Pakistani group called Strings. Sar kiye yeh pahar.

I have no idea what it means but I love it! Came across it when MTV first entered India in about 1992 and we teenagers had it on the whole time. Great song. The band helps J. Then I rediscovered them about 6 months ago and now- they are actually playing in my city is 4 days!!- I may actually go though I only know this one song and used to hear it 20 years ago!!!

Also- I think I didn’t give proper due to books movies show from yesterday so will add a few more snippets about them. For links please see the older post.

About La Vie En Rose. There is a movie- a biography made on Edith Piaf that is called La Vie En Rose - as  this was her most definitive song. La Vie En Rose means the life of a rose- so lyrical.
My fascination for this started with the Movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline(who may possibly be one of the best actors of all time) It has the Louis Armstrong version in it and subsequent googling (has this verb been added to the dictionary yet?) familiarized me with both versions.

About House of Cards. This is actually based on BBC drama by the same name about 20 years ago. There is and always has been a trend of movies, show being taken from one culture to another. Mostly the copies don't live up to the original ( another DUH moment) but sometimes they do. This does. Another copy that did a good job was "Just Go with It" which is surprisingly a copy of a Bollywood movie  "Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?"  Which is quite funny despite having Salman Khan. Best song in it- Just Chill

BBC dramas are something else. I really should look up sometime how the funding works for all of BBC as if I'm mistaken they are a public company. What I have noticed recently is that they have a group of favorite actors they use for multiples dramas- overlapping!! A bit like the erstwhile studio contracts or NSD in India

Lastly- about the Golden Compass- actually the series is called His Dark Materials. The story is fantasy and involves multiple worlds  but essentially is adventure a girl called Lyra has. If you can read fantasy- give it a shot but this is one book that truly proves that everyone has many facets to them- and all of them are not complimentary.

With this is bid adieu- hopefully just till tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

i found your blog and now im going through it and i like some of the reviews you have written. if you are into watching tv shows then i recommend one from a culture/country you probably have never watched anything from. however i can guarantee you will absolutely love it even though it is a bit on the heavy side!

watch "Fatmagulun Sucu Ne" a turkish tv series. it has 2 seasons available on youtube. its in turkish language but subtitles are available on the net on if you want to download and watch it later with subs in english.
there is an urdu dubbed version as well but its heavily censored and because of it not that much fun to watch, i would still recommend the real thing to you.
the lead actor 'Engin Akyurek' who plays kerim will grow on you while you will form a soft corner for Fatma as 'Beren saat' plays her part beautifully. both the lead actors are highly talented actors with extremely expressive eyes and their on screen chemistry is off the charts. its based on a societal issue of a girl who gets raped and is forced to marry one of the guys who did it. i believe you would have something great to write,blog and share about it when you watch it so i will be looking forward to it :)

Meenakshi said...

Thanks. Will watch it when I get a chance.
Appreciate the comment