Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brothers (2015)

So this blog is as far away from my previous posts as it can get. It’s about a Mixed martial arts HINDI movie!


I have always loved a good training movie- maybe, as it’s so hard for me to actually do it myself- vive le vicariousness!!!

Everyone does their role really well- and the fight director is pretty good. (example of a bad one would be from the TV show Quantico- someone help him/her!) (Though I love that Priyanka Chopra is a primetime ABC star)

I find it so interesting that I liked Brothers as I have always been boxing, WWF, UFC are senseless (read stupid) but somehow – I may have converted. I mean- How is this any different from anything else that gives you an adrenalin high? (expect maybe that someone is getting pounded to a pulp and maybe having a few bones broken!)

My favorite scenes from this (and this is surprisingly NOT a spoiler) are the training scene/song, the scene at the burial (notice I don’t tell you who’s) and the last scene with the flashbacks (this was so obviously meant to tug at the heart strings but they were brilliant at it and it did tug!!)

I am a bit disappointed it’s a copy of the Hollywood movie Warrior (8.2 on IMDB) but it has the Indian mirch masala (spice) added to it- obviously. I plan to watch that one too- 8.2 is seriously good from the holy grail of movie reviews- IMDB!!!

So the last book I read also had Cage fighting in it- The Rouge Lawyer by John Grisham.  I am guessing Mr. Grisham is actually a big fan as in the book he really goes to bat for it (Bat. Cage. Get it??) (Batting cage!!!) (Ha!)
The book is really good- VERY different from his other books. I think if 8 year olds can be taken to see cage fighting by their dads and it can’t be so bad- right? (so what if they are fictional??!!)

So the three Bollywood actors in it all have “pretty” (pun intended) interesting stories.

The dad- Jackie Shroff was always a favorite except he has become seriously debauched/ looking. See or don’t see “Boom” to be totally put off by him. He came from a really economically challenged family and his only qualifications were his looks. They served him well. Modeling (some questionable choices- google it- I refuse to put those images on my blog) but super confident. He started flirting with his now wife who was so enamored of him that despite coming from some sort of European royalty, offered to share him without whoever he wanted as long as she was part of this life, married him and what was most shocking to me was came from a huge mansion and lived in a one bedroom flat (with his extended family) that did not have a single bathroom!!! Small spaces doable- no bathroom………
BUT he became a big star and from all accounts has been the one guy you gave more than 10% of all earning s to charity and all street kids from a certain area had his private cell phone to reach him if they were in trouble. Hats off! (if I was wearing one that is)

His son is a body builder and a pretty good dancer but as he put it- the way I look and dance- everyone thinks I’m gay (though why that should matter I don’t know) He does dance “pretty” well- as chocolate box as you can get. Watch around one minute in

Back to Brothers

Akshay Kumar: Has literally fought his way up! HA!

Martial arts, martial arts, martial arts. HA HA!

Has really re invented himself in Bollywood too- quite watchable now. Was a waiter in Hong Kong, then in some pretty awful movies and now…….

Married Twinkle Khanna- who is surprisingly witty! Acting was obviously not her forte- writing may be!

Siddharth Malhotra- what to say? Other that I had a SOTY phase for a good 6 months.


Student of the year?

Ishq wala love?

Anyway- am over it (sort of!!)

But then I still read YA fiction too!

All three kids from SOTY are really good actors though!

Siddharth Malhotra has really buffed up but then that seems to be a requirement in Bollywood Actors along with being able to look like you can dance and the ability to the Shah Rukh Khan hand spread!

The two actresses in Brothers don’t really deserve a mention BUT I shall, as I quite not like both!

Kareena Kapoor- reduced to item numbers. Maybe she will slowly stop acting!

Jacqueline Fernandez- why?

Would she do this role?

The people who dress down to garner accolades normally have a meaty role- not the role of meat with no dialouges!!!

Overall quite watchable!

BUT given my current unstoppable streak of bad puns- I shall leave it here!!!

The blog.

Good Night.

Happy Diwali (as it is as I write!!)

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