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IPPKND Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

This blog is sort of long due- more than 3 years! It’s like exposing a shameful secret- but I am confident many a women like me are guilty of this!

I actually was totally addicted to a Hindi soap!!! " Iss pyar ko Kya Naam Doon"

So I used to see all these posts on FB about it and was like "Seriously??!!"  -till I started watching it- and pretty much did not sleep one week straight while watching it!

And what is interesting was I knew soooooooooo many friends and family who were as addicted!!

And it was and strangely still is a bit of a worldwide phenomena!!!! There was a surge against Star TV when they cancelled the show!

If you see the basic story line- quite a typical MB (Mills & Boon) - angry rude domineering rich guy, poor good beautiful girl. And that’s supposed to be attractive to a woman? A thinking woman?

Which made me wonder why? What differentiated it?

So what it was, was basically the chemistry between the lead pair and the writing.

It was their acting- and the laughs - it was really funny and really sexy.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts what keeps the audience hooked is anticipation! The leads were always interrupted somehow. When you are invested in something esp. a love story you really want to see something that looks like “The End” but if the show can plausibly not have that happen the audience is not going anywhere!

So, the male lead was Barun Sobti- a college drop out from West Delhi but obviously a hard worker.  You can tell in the difference in his acting from serial to serial! What was interesting was he is an ideal example of you are what your experiences make you.

He apparently worked at a call center for a few years and then acted in a few soaps before IPKKND.
When the craze started a lot of people looked up his old serials- all I can say is the new look and not smiling suits him a LOT better.

You judge:



SO the call center explains his accent. What's interesting is that how you speak very often defines how sophisticated you come across as and while probably before the call center job he didn't sound like he was polished he does now. Which is sad right? That one finds a more Anglicized accent more attractive? What about inner beauty?

There is this whole thing where nobody know his height and he is married to his childhood sweetheart and so does not do any Kissing scenes- much to the disappointment of the IPPKND fan club!

So in the Indian cinema and serial the whole take on what’s acceptable on screen has been fairly hypocritical.

A guy and girl and make out, wearing wet skimpy cloths but it perfectly acceptable as long as they don’t kiss on the lips- that’s unacceptable! Hello- what about the rest of the soft porn going on?

Or if a couple falls in love and suddenly the woman is pregnant! It seriously screwed up sex Ed for a lot young people!

Anyway getting back to the show it was really weird and so if you see clips it comes across as REALLY weird- not the typical idea of romance but it just was!!!

Sanaya Irani  the woman lead- is almost the opposite of Barun Sobti. Did not know Hindi till she started acting in soaps. And learns all her Hindi dialogues phonetically in English. She plays a small town Hindi speaking girl- phenomenally in this!

Her look also evolved- the transformation story always works!!



A lot of fan wanted her to break up with the boyfriend to get together with Barun Sobti!

Actually- I have always wondered when a pair of actors have amazing chemistry on screen- it must come from an actual attraction even if you don’t admit it! I guess that’s why so many actors start going out with or have affairs with co-workers!

I mean according to this new study you can fall in love with somebody even if it forced by sharing intimate information and staring into each other eyes! Actors are like that!

The show went a bit downhill when Barun Sobti started acting in the movie “Main aur Mr. Riight” Pretty much one of the crappiest movies I ever saw except- thankfully for Barun Sobti’s acting- he really has become a very good actor now! In IPKKND they kept changing the story line to accommodate his schedule but as the show was basically the interaction between the two leads it lost its zing,

Then the "zing" came back for a bit when he finished shooting but the show lost its charm soon after and then when Barun Sobti decided to concentrate on Movies Star shut it down!

I am looking forward to seeing his other movies. Hopefully they will have halfway decent co actors and director etc.! One is "22 Yards" Don't have high hopes for that and the other something with John Abraham's production house. Lets see.

Star plus has very foolishly in my opinion removed all fan mash ups of the Rabba Ve. In todays world if you don’t let the fans contribute you alienate them. Would have loved to put a video here.

The amount of fan fiction about them is also crazy!

The next two parts are a spoiler alert- if you haven’t seen the show- don’t read. This is the funniest forwards I received about the show. No idea who wrote it so unfortunately cannot pass on credit- not original by me- but its sooooooo funny. Meant for people “in the know”

Arnav: I just met Khushi.
Some Person: Who?
A: A chick.
SP: Nice.
A: Not really. I hate humans in general and Khushi in particular.
SP: Why?
A: Humans because of my tragic past that nobody knows about yet and this chick because she is a corporate spy.
SP: Really?
A: Maybe not. But she is a gold-digger.
SP: Do you have proof?
A: Not yet.
SP: So what do you plan to do?
A: Give her a job in my company and make her take measurements of hot dudes.
SP: That is punishing her?
A: Oh, I almost killed her by sending her into a crumbling building.
SP: What?!
A: But I rescued her.
SP: You sure like to create a mess and then fix it.
A: That is what she says.
SP: Then?
A: She quit the job.
SP: How shocking?!
A: Anyway, she is now working in my house.
SP: Doing what?
A: I am unsure. I guess she is my punching bag. I practice all my insults on her.
(Fight, fight, bicker, bicker)
(6 months later)
A: It is possible that she is not a gold-digger.
SP: Great. Now you like her?
A: No. She believes in God and destiny.
SP: So?
A: I like to play God.
SP: Fine. Ignore her.
A: I Cannot.
SP: Why not?
A: Because she is clumsy.
SP: Eh?
A: Yes, she is always falling into my arms and her dupatta is always grabbing me.
SP: I see. What happens then?
A: There is some pretty intense background music that plays and a strand of hair covers her eyes that I feel compelled to push behind her ears.
SP: Do you enjoy this?
A: Yes, but then I remember I hate her.
SP: What do you do then?
A: Grab her by her shoulders and sometimes hurt her also.
SP: Poor girl. What happens next?
A: She begins to cry and I feel sad. But I don't apologise.
SP: Why not?
A: Because I don't apologise. Plus, I remember that I hate her.
SP: What the..
A: What the indeed! She just got engaged to some other dude.
SP: So? Aaapko kya faraq padtha hain?
A: How can she? I mean, I am the one who almost kissed her and then said hurtful things to her.
SP: Umm. Didn't you agree to marry some chick too?
A: That is different. I take my decisions using my head, she with her heart. I am not attached to my chick; she is probably attached to her dude.
SP: Have you told her how you feel?
A: No. I haven't yet admitted my feelings to myself.
SP: You have some problems.
A: Whatever. Hey, I just broke up with my chick. Or the chick just broke up with me. I am unsure. It is because of Khushi. I think. Also, Khushi's engagement is off.
SP: Great. Now tell her.
A: Nope. I just rubbed her failed engagement on her face and broke her heart a little more.
SP: What is wrong with you? Go hug her and tell her that her that the pain will go away.
A: Do you know this one time when her dad was almost going to die, I went to meet her at the hospital. She hugged me, but I didn't hug back.
SP: You are douchey, aren't you?
A: Yes, but I have a sad past. Plus, I am so hot.
SP: What about her?
A: Let that be, K and I just managed to play matchmaker and our siblings are getting married.
SP: Wow! So you guys are friends now?
A: What crap?! But I have challenged her to a dancing bet.
SP: Wait… you dance?
A: Nope. But that is not the point. I have to, have to win.
SP: This is disturbing.
A: Whatever. Hey, she won the bet. But I may have won her heart.
SP: Wow! How?
A: I danced with her because she didn't look too bad in a green sari.
SP: Great! Now tell her how you feel.
(Wedding rituals… banter.. kissing bet.. bangle buying..  love and longing... faraq padtha hain kyonki...)
A: Today is the wedding, I will tell her.
SP: Yay!
(a few hours later)
A: I hate Khushi.
SP: Oh no! Not again. Did she turn you down?
A: Worse. She is in love with someone else.
SP: That is sad.
A: The worst part is he is my brother-in-law and now she is a homebreaker and wrecking my sister's happiness.
SP: Maybe you should speak with her. Seeing is not always believing, you know? Plus, you have misunderstood her in the past too.
A: No conversation necessary. I hate her from the bottom of my heart. And to think I laughed twice because of her.
SP: Wait. You have a heart.
*stony silence*
SP: Okay, okay. Don't be mad. You can still fix this. Just stay away from her now.
(a few hours later)
A: I have fixed this.
SP: Great! What did you do?
A: I forced her to marry me. That is what I did.
SP: What the?!

And to end it I will leave you with the funniest video EVER about the show- a Chinese (I am guessing) fan video- you have to watch!!!!!!! As I said the story comes across as weird if you havent actually watched it- and if you read the translations you will know what I mean! You may need to click on the ink below:

Hope to write soon! Do comment- I love hearing from you!


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Just found your blog - pretty interesting! Do keep on writing!

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Well written meenakshi!! U summarized it well, great job & thanks to u I was totally addicted to it & spent some nights watching marathon sessions of this show!