Friday, November 15, 2013

J'en Connais (Carla Bruni)

What a song by what a woman!

So hear the song first.

When I hear it I visualize the scene for this I imagine it in the 1940's (in black and white) in a lounge with this sultry sexy brunette in a strapless gown crooning into the microphone.

This is just such a sassy, shameless song- I LOVE IT!

J'en Connais
I Know Some
J'en Connais
I Know Some
J'en connais des qui charment,
I know some who charm,
Des qui me laissent femme,
Some who let me woman,
J'en connais qui me pâment...
I know some who make me swoon...
J'en connais des jolis,
I know some cute ones,
Des qui roule comme des filles,
Some who drive like girls,
Des qui me piquent mes bodys...
Some who steal my bodies...
J'en connais tant tellement ça me prend tout mon temps,
I know so many that it takes all my time,
Et même ma maman qui m'adore tendrement,
And even my mom who loves me dearly,
Elle me dit : "C'est pas bien, ce n'est pas bon tout ce rien,
She tells me: "It isn't right, it isn't good all this nothingness,
Reprends ton droit chemin..."
Go back on the straight and narrow..."
J'en connais des superbes,
I know some beautiful,
Des bien-mûrs, des acerbes,
Some mature, some acerbic,
Des velus, des imberbes,
Some hairy, some beardless,
J'en connais des sublimes,
I know some sublime,
Des mendiants, des richissimes,
Some beggar, some very rich,
Des que la vie abîme...
Some that life damage...
J'en connais même tellement ça me prend trop de temps,
I know so many it even takes too much of my time
Et ma pauvre maman se dit en soupirant,
And my poor mom tells herself with a sigh,
"Qu'ais-je fait pour cela ? Est-ce de ma faute à moi,
"What did I do to deserve this? Is it my own fault,
Si ma fille est comme ça ?"
If my daughter acts like this?"
J'en connais dans chaque port,
I know some in every port,
Dans chaque Sud, dans chaque Nord,
In every South, in every North,
J'en connais sans efforts,
I know some without efforts,
J'en connais qui vont dire,
I know some who will say,
Que je suis bonne à maudire,
That I‘ve got to be damned,
Et moi ça me fait sourire...
And it just makes me smile...

This song is so-"I know and I don't care how it looks and I still love it!" I think it actually is her attitude to life!

So I liked this song even before I read the lyrics translated. I think I have started appreciating not understanding the words in music because so often if we like or dislike the meaning that affects our feelings about the music.

Much like a good looking person. Who suddenly becomes not so when they start talking!

Or someone not so. Who becomes! (definitely prefer experiencing the latter!!)

Of course Ms. Bruni doesn't need to deal with anything here. Gorgeous, talented in voice and lyrics!

When you hear her name , if you have heard her name and can recall it goes straight to Nikolas Sarkozy's Girlfriend/Wife  = Model  = naked photo controversy!

But she has sooooooo much more to her!

So she is one of those people who came from a very wealthy family- legal father and the real father! (much like Mick Jagger and Liv Tyler. What is particularly ironic here is that she actually had an affair with Mick Jagger!!! Eric Clapton too but then who's name dropping?) Her personal life does not seem the nicest. I have no issues with multiple partners but Father-Son - that’s just icky! I don't want to focus on that but on her talent.

Anyway- at 20 she was one of the top 20 models worldwide. She has acted ( got nominated for awards for her role in "Midnight in Paris") and of course her music.
I heard the full album this song is from (Quelqu'un m'a dit: Someone told me). I do like it. I was on the lookout for more French music that had a gentle flow to it after the Edith Piaf "la Vie en rose" Hadn't found anything. This is very different but it appeals. I will be hearing her other stuff too. The second album is poems by Good authors set to music (No Promises)

Au Revoir till next time. (Though you will be doing the seeing- I don't get to see you!)

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