Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I had already written a bit of a blog about these two fabulous Arabic movies - which now has been demoted  AS I met Patrick Dempsey!!!!

Well met would be a bit (a lot) of an exaggeration - more like got a snap with him (apparently almost knocking over a cute little girl (who was injured) in the process!!!) He did pronounce my name correctly though!!

I always thought he was cute- what with being an avid Grey's Anatomy watcher for the last 9 seasons- 8 years!!!

As is my predilection -had  tried watching all his stuff 5-6 years ago including his tween movies from the 80's ( he was a teen heartthrob) but the one I saw was quite bad (Loverboy)-  a typical teen sex romp from that era. Seeing movies like this and others which one might have enjoyed ( notice the might) makes one cringe at how bad one's taste used to be!!!

So after meeting him I looked him up and was quite horrified to find out his first wife had been his best friends mom- 26 years his senior. 

I mean how does that happen? I guess you have the whole Mrs. Robinson from  The Graduate (Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me... Aren't you?) (seriously strange movie- esp the end) 6.5/10 , Summer of '42 (7/10) things "BUT SERIOUSLY?" (that by the way is a recurrent dialogue in grey's - did anyone catch that?)

I was a bit put off but kept reading up and now actually I'm quite impressed with this guy. 

What I think now is that whole thing with his first wife actually may have been creepy - but for him. 

That woman had been his agent and acting coach for a while and if you tell me that a guy who is 17-18 years old and under the influence of a forceful older woman who he then married hasn't been taken advantage of- well I totally disagree. They had had a sex scene in his first movie but still.

His career had really taken off- and he was cute - but he was a kid. And the onus of doing the right thing would belong to the older person - unless they are a predator of sorts. Which I think she was.

When they got divorced 6 years later she accused him of all sorts of horrible things and then later retracted saying she had been advised to say that kind of stuff during the divorce but it wasn't true. He aptly refers to that time as a "Freudian F*** Up" in the public eye.

The other story almost exactly like this Céline Dion who married her agent Rene Angelil - who was 26 years older than her and had been managing her career since she was 12!!!! They began a relationship when she was 19- probably on the road the whole time with Rene as the only man around- quite gross.

She is still happily married to him but all this is a bit too incestuous for me. 

The other case like this that come to mind are Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, ( how could they?? He had been like a father from the time she was 9 to the time they started the affair and she was 19!! He was 56 at that time)

Do you think we hear about them cos they are famous or these things happen a lot and we just don't hear about it??

Anyway - enough of the dark stuff.

Let's get back to Mr. Dempsey - he came second in an international juggling competition. And won a skiing championship in Maine (a skiing Mecca) and all this in his teens.  Of course he was talented and interested in showbiz but what most people don't know is that he is quite dyslexic and actually has to memorize all his dialogues  even for auditions of roles that he may or may not get!!!! If you've seen Grey's- anyone would have to feel sympathy for the amount of medical jargon he needs to sound proficient in!!

He did a bunch of musicals around the US and then starred in quite a few Hollywood hits. Then his luck turned (maybe with the marriage) and he started delivering a lot of flops and was soon written off by Hollywood.

He didn't give up or turn to drugs but modeled and did but parts in shows like  Will and Grace and Once and Again.      

Married a Hair Stylist ( hey who could blame him with his hair!!!) Jillian Fink and had 3 kids.

Then he landed McDreamy!!!!

Now- this is just a standard turnaround story ( if there is something like that)

But what I find really impressive is all the other things he has done since his success.

He is a fab car racer and he was a co-owner of the Vision Racing IndyCar Series team and is the current owner of Dempsey Racing . He is one of the two drivers of the team ( the lead driver- he is not allowed to drive during a film for insurance reasons) and they won something too- they race serious stuff but I couldn't be bothered!

 After his mom had recurrent Ovarian cancer he started the  Patrick Dempsey Center  for support and started an annual  Dempsey Challenge  where he along with others bikes 50 miles.

He has a line of perfumes with Avon.

And recently he outbid Starbucks for a chain of coffee chain in Seattle called  Tully's Coffee

And still he is normal enough to pose for a snap with me when requested despite being late for a plane!!!

Well all the best to him. 

I cannot leave this blog without telling you about Grey's Anatomy. 

Good show. Definitely melodramatic definitely nothing like real surgeons but a show that's a guilty pleasure for quite a few people in medicine!!! And just a pleasure for the rest of us. 
Full of eye candy and irresistible attractions - I don't know a  single guy who likes it!!
Would rate the first 2 seasons 8/10. The show overall more like 6.5 but hey- I'm still watching it after 8 years!!!!!
It's about the trials and tribulations of 5 surgical interns - a lot of personal interspersed with some seriously crazy cases.  Not bad.

Now like Loony Tunes (I Identify) "That's All Folks!"


Richa said...

Wow girl thats quite extensive research done on Mcdreamy & very well written!! I'm not a huge fan of his but do watch grey's anatomy though the kind of medicine they show on this show is ridiculous - wish they would just research stuff a lil bit more before they put it out there when it concerns medicine but oh well not a bad show nevertheless!

Meenakshi said...

Thanks! I added this bit- did you know he is dyslexic? BTW- you were the ref to the medicos who watch the show :)